DeFacto Consultancy

An agency specialising in the field of social and commercial research, public opinion polling, pre-election and post-election surveys.

Analyse your target demographic

DeFacto conducts research using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods tailored to the client’s needs, providing a detailed analysis of a distinct area, market, and target demographic.

Quantitative research techniques

Statistical data provide findings essential for making informed business decisions, development of business strategies, or findings on public perception of a particular topic.

Qualitative research techniques

Deeper insights into the behaviour of the general population and voters and their attitudes and motivations for making certain decisions.

Mixed research techniques

Utilisation of different research methods enables us to provide more comprehensive findings.

Innovative research methods

The DeFacto research team has established the first social research laboratory (Montenegrin Social Science Lab) equipped with cutting-edge technology. We use eye-tracking technology to assess audio-visual materials, thus assisting clients to align their business strategies with the needs and preferences of the target audience.

Prominent research projects

The Montenegrin National Election Study (MNES) is the first systematic and longitudinal research on electoral behaviour in Montenegro conducted with the aim of collecting relevant and comparable data on political behaviour in Montenegro.



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