The research team of MSSLab introduced students to the possibilities of the laboratory and eye-tracking technology.

“At the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Montenegro, a ‘Research Day’ was held on Friday, October 15th, and members of the project team introduced students to the possibilities of the first social research laboratory in Montenegro.”

Presentation of the “Montenegrin Social Science Lab – MSSLab”

The “Research Day” was organized with the aim of introducing new research techniques that are in line with European and global standards to the academic community, students, and young researchers.

Speaking about the goals of the “Montenegrin Social Science Lab – MSSLab” project and the laboratory’s capabilities, program coordinator Nemanja Stankov highlighted the advantages of conducting research in Montenegro. He also introduced the eye-tracking technology with which the laboratory is equipped and discussed the benefits of its application in both scientific and commercial research.

After the presentation, students had the opportunity to test visual content in the fields of political communication and marketing.

Testing Eye-Tracking Technology at the Faculty of Political Sciences

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