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DeFacto Consultancy is an agency which specializes in market research, public opinion, political and business consulting. The agency was established in 2009 in Podgorica. Wide range of projects implemented in the previous period and the professional references of De Facto team guarantee reliability and objectivity as well as systematic approach to the research and analysis.

De Facto is distinguished in the market for the fact that each and every project is being approached with a unique devotion and attention from research design to its implementation. Our agency uses extensive scientific experience of the team members to provide their customers with products in accordance with the highest standards of research in Europe and the world. Members of De Facto team continuously work on their own professional improvement when it comes to research techniques and following contemporary trends in this field.

Political consulting is one of the main segments of De Facto offer. It includes:

  • Rating of politicians and political parties;
  • Research and evaluation of a political entity on the political market;
  • Implementation of the results, strategic and operational planning;
  • Development of communication strategies and image building;
  • Public relations (external and internal PR);
  • Training and Education;
  • Pre-election and post-election survey;
  • Exit polls;
  • Public opinion and perceptions surveys regarding certain prominent social issues;
  • Preparation of political parties’ election and political strategies.

De Facto provides research tools with the purpose of boosting businesses’ success in the market. With that regard it offers:

  • Customers’ and clients’ satisfaction study;
  • Research for the purposes of market segmentation;
  • Research for the purposes of assessing price range;
  • Research for the purposes of advertising;
  • Exploring the concept and development of a product;
  • Media monitoring and press clipping.

De Facto conducts number of social phenomena surveys in house and for different domestic and international clients. Previous projects include:

  • European Values Survey (EVS) - a large-scale, cross-national, and longitudinal survey research program on basic human values, initiated in 1970 by the, at the time, informal group of academics. Montenegro, for the first time, received the invitation to join this valuable scientific enterprise in 2008. De Facto Consultancy Agency is in the process of becoming new full-partner for EVS, meaning the Agency will conduct EVS survey in Montenegro in the next wave (2017).
  • Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) is international collaborative program of elections and electoral behavior research that includes over fifty states worldwide. Montenegro was included in fourth module (2011 - 2016) that focuses on issues such are distributive politics and social protection. Research was inspired by current economic crises and state politics of budgetary restraints.
  • Measuring of Philanthropy in Montenegrin Society, FAKT December 2012;
  • Project: The world we want 2015, contracted by UNDP, December 2012-March 2013;
  • Perceptions of population about European integrations process, UNDP and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European integrations, November, 2013;
  • Perception of population about conflict of interest, Agency for prevention of conflict of interests, December 2013;
  • Conceptions and misconceptions about NATO among young people in Montengro, American Embassy in Montenegro, October – January 2014/2015;
  • Strenghtening capacities of Parilament's administration to prepare and evaluate public policies based on data analysis; British Embassy, October-March 2014/2015;
  • Developing sustainable energy use in Montenegro, EPTISA Servicios de Ingenieria S.L., July 2015.

We have a technical support team in various cases:

  • Developing app for specific occasion;
  • Software and hardware support;
  • Data visualization;
  • Design and production;
  • Technical administration.

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Qualitative Research Method

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Case analysis includes in depth investigation of a certain case. It is ideographic in its nature and descriptive. The goal of the analysis is to gather a lot of information about a certain phenomenon that reflects certain social practices, institutional mechanisms and patterns.

With this regard De Facto conducts program evaluation that represent systematic monitoring of achievements during and at the end of certain program/project with the goal to improve implementation of the future ones. Evaluators cooperate closely with project staff in order to adjust design of the evaluation to the needs of the specific project.

Case analysis

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These studies are tailored to help companies increase effectiveness of its projects and programs. It includes analysis of client’s capacities to successfully implement specific project, having in mind legal, economic, technical and other factors. This service is especially interesting to small and medium enterprises because it enables evaluation of possible positive and negative effects of the project before too much financial and other resources are invested.

Sustainability studies

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A focus group is qualitative research method that aims to get open-ended responses from participants in group discussion. Focus group research method provides means for researcher to get clear ideas from examinee and to encourage examinees to share feelings that cannot be quantified trough quantitative research methods. The aim of this method is to boost open conversation among group members in a form of semi structured group interview.

Focus groups

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Interview is a qualitative research method that seeks to describe describe the significance in values and opinions of the interviewed person. The main task in interviewing is to understand the meaning of what the interviewees say. There are several qualitative interview research methods such as: informal conversation interview; unstructured interview; half structured interview; closed fixed response interview.


Quantitative Research Method

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In public opinion pools De Facto Consultancy uses face to face interviews. The face to face interview, also called an in-person interview, is the most commonly used and oldest method of data collection. The method has several main advantages that distinguish it from other research method. Mainly face to face method reduces nonresponse to a minimum and maximizes the quality of the data collected. Face to face method is best way for collecting data on sensitive matter. In a situation when respondent needs to make a clarification of answers or ask for clarification for some of the items on the questionnaire the presence of the interviewer is a significant advantage.

Face to face interview method

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During the twentieth century, survey research has greatly improved due to the technical and technological development in the specific area resulting in computerized data analysis. Particularly, technology has made revolution the way in which surveys are administered –first e-mail surveys were done in the 1980s and first web-based surveys in the 1990s. Since then technology and methodology of on-line and mail survey has greatly improved.

On-line and Mail survey method

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CATI is telephone interviewing that is conducted by using computers which accelerates data collection. Interviewer puts data in the specific software directly while interviewing via phone and this generate the data set.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

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CAPI is an interviewing technique in which the respondent or interviewer uses a computer to answer the questions. It has been classified as a personal interviewing technique because an interviewer is usually present to serve as a host and to guide the respondent.

CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)



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Satisfaction of existing customers is an important part of our overall business.

"The market research is one of the most important aspects for our business, thus, you prefer to give such a task to a reliable company. Yet, De Facto proved to be exactly that, a reliable, efficient, customer oriented company. they delivered the task in time and they did an excellent job!"

VG Group

"DeFacto is outstanding for its ability to cooperate and fully understand ideas and demands of its partners. With perfect combination of expertize, motivation and energy of its researchers they brought about remarkable piece of work for Civic Alliance."

Civic Alliance

"Your organization is our reliable partner in the way of useful information relevant to the work of the parliamentary administration. Particularly interesting experience regarding the statistical processing and analysis of data, as well as other training aimed at improving research skills. We appreciate your professionalism, responsibility and a willingness to respond in a satisfactory manner to our requests."

Montenegro parliament




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