Qualitative Research Methods

The main goal of qualitative research methods is to enable better understanding of social phenomena. 

De Facto applies the following qualitative research methods:

Case analysis

Case analysis includes in depth investigation of a certain case. It is idographic in its nature and descriptive. The goal of the analysis is to gather a lot of information about a certain phenomenon that reflects certain social practices, institutional mechanisms and patterns (source: Bešić, Miloš, Metodologija političkih nauka sa statistikom, FPN Beograd, skipta, str. 157).

With this regard De Facto conducts program evaluation that represent systematic monitoring of achievements during and at the end of certain program/project with the goal to improve implementation of the future ones. Evaluators cooperate closely with project staff in order to adjust design of the evaluation to the needs of the specific project.

Sustainability studies are also conducted within this group of research. These studies are tailored to help companies increase effectiveness of its projects and programs. It includes analysis of client’s capacities to successfully implement specific project, having in mind legal, economic, technical and other factors. This service is especially interesting to small and medium enterprises because it enables evaluation of possible positive and negative effects of the project before too much financial and other resources are invested. 

Focus groups

A focus group is qualitative research method that aims to get open-ended responses from participants in group discussion. Focus group research method provides means for researcher to get clear ideas from examinee and to encourage examinees to share feelings that cannot be quantified trough quantitative research methods. The aim of this method is to boost open conversation among group members in a form of semi structured group interview.


Interview is a qualitative research method that seeks to describe describe the significance in values and opinions of the interviewed person. The main task in interviewing is to understand the meaning of what the interviewees say. 

There are several qualitative interview research methods such as:

• Informal conversation interview,
• Not structured interview,
• Half structured interview,
• Closed fixed response interview.