Friday, 01 August 2014 12:57

U.S. Embassy approved our new project

DeFacto is pleased to announce that the project „Conceptions and misconceptions about NATO among young people in Montenegro” has been approved by U.S. Embassy in Podgorica, Public Affairs Section through Democracy Commission Small Grants program for 2014. Partner organizations on this project will be first students’ internet magazine in Montenegro and NGO SAFRA which stands behind students’ Radio Krš.

The project aims to address documented fact that young generation is more indifferent to the topic of NATO integrations of Montenegro, compared to general population as well as the fact that it proves to have many misconceptions about the process itself. It is therefore designed to:

  1. Identify clearly what young people think about this process, how they see it and understand it, what is their view on security in general, what they know about NATO, and how they see it;
  2. Address those identified views and especially misconceptions through young people adjusted style and channels;
  3. Provoke lively debate that would raise level of interest among young people, and
  4. Open a platform for dialogue that would increase level of the trust in the process of communication.

The project team will seek to address identified misconceptions and lack of information via media campaign carried out by Tragom and Radio Krš, but will not actively advocate pro or contra. The goal will be to fight prejudice and create an open space for dialogue.